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Hopefully, if you are reading this you agree with our message and are considering
helping us in some way. We appreciate such help.

Most importantly we ask that you tell your friends about this site. This can be done by
word of mouth or by sending a note to people in your address book. If you do this it
would be worthwhile to let them know something specific you found interesting. Web
sites can be effective tools for communicating, but only if people visit them.

If you are considering an even more active approach to raising awareness about our
Web site, please send us a note. We can offer inserts for church bulletins, signs, and
posters. Don't forget to include an evening telephone number.

If you belong to a church group (or any other group) that might benefit from our
message, consider contacting us about giving a presentation. Details are provided on
our Presentations page. There is no charge. We will also ask if anyone seeing one of
our presentations is interested in speaking for our group.

If you have something to say on this subject, please consider writing an article for our
Web site. Please contact us first, though.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions, criticisms, or words of encouragement for this
effort or the material on this Web site, please send us a note. Feedback is greatly


Bob and Cyndi