The Chastity Challenge - Are You Raising

In 1995 the Pontifical Council for the Family published The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality -
Guidelines for Education Within the Family.
This test attempts to capture two things from that
document - the actions parents should take (Things to Do) and the information they should teach
their children (Things to Teach). Each statement or phrase has a number or numbers following it.
These numbers refer to the applicable sections of the council document. The user should then
refer to the council document if more information is needed about a statement or phrase.

To take this test simply read each statement or phrase and ask, "Am I doing this well now?" or, if
your children are not yet in that age group, "Am I prepared to follow that guidance at this time?" If
the answer is yes, place an "X" next to the sequence number. If your answer is no or you are not
sure, leave it blank. The items left blank are those you should consider addressing. Parents
should then use the results of this test to plan how they will better promote chastity in their homes.

If you would like a formatted version of this test in Microsoft Word just send us a note at and we will send one to you.

Things to Do
_1 Don't become discouraged; place trust in God 7, 31
_2 Encourage all of the virtues 19
_3 Living conjugal chastity is the most valid premise for educating children - honor and generosity
toward spouse and life 20
_4 Consider any attack on the chastity of your children as an offense 21
_5 Maintain a positive atmosphere of love, virtue, and respect for God's gifts 22
_6 Help them discover their vocation to marriage or consecrated virginity 22, 26, 27
_7 Spouses must collaborate and share vigorous dialogue 37
_8 Never tolerate immoral or inadequate information being given outside the home 44, 64
_9 Find time to be with your children and talk to them, learn how to listen carefully, and make the
effort to understand them 51
_10 Recognize the fragment of truth in their rebellion 51
_11 Ensure immoral fashions and attitudes do not violate the integrity of the home (mass media) 56
_12 Moderate, critical, watchful, prudent use of mass media 56
_13 Have them practice self-restraint and make personal sacrifices for God 58
_14 Mothers - value your maternal vocation and your place in the home 59
_15 Fathers - behave with masculine dignity, but not machismo 59
_16 Generosity on accepting life 61
_17 Home of faith and prayer 62
_18 Truths of faith and morals deeply studied with reverence 63
_19 Word of God read and lived with love 63
_20 Moral dimension must always be a part of explanations 68
_21 Provide constant help for the growth of child's spiritual life - discipline of senses and mind,
avoidance of sin, modesty, moderation, wholesome pursuits, prayer, frequent reception of
sacraments 70, 71
_22 Read well-chosen books on formation 74
The Years of Innocence
_23 Never disturb these years with unnecessary sexual information 78, 83
_24 Formation in chastity should only be indirect 78
_25 Protect from exaggerated opposition to sexual stereotypes 80
_26 Use the Motherhood of Mary as a model 81
_27 For boys - discourage overly aggressive behavior among boys 82
_28 Correct erroneous information and obscene language 84
_29 Encourage obedience, generosity, self-denial, self-reflection, and sublimation 86
_30 Present objective standards of right and wrong 86
_31 Be particularly attentive to Christian education 87
_32 Pay attention to physical and psychological development 88
_33 For daughters - help them to joyfully accept development in a bodily, psychological, and
spiritual sense 90
_34 Don't give detailed information about sexual union unless asked 90
_35 For boys - present physiological facts in an atmosphere of serenity, positively and with reserve,
in the framework of marriage, family, and fatherhood 91
_36 For daughters - use trusting and open dialogue to guide daughters through any emotional
perplexity 92
_37 For daughters - Promote chastity through consideration of the opposite sex 92
_38 Point out the beauty of motherhood, the wonder of procreation, and the deep meaning of
virginity 92
_39 For boys - correct tendency to use sex in a hedonistic way 93
_40 Present God's commandments as a way of life and strive to form a right conscience 94
_41 Keep all information about life, sex, anatomy, and hygiene in a Christian context 94
_42 Give well-reasoned arguments about the value of chastity to children's questions 96
_43 Don't put much emphasis on pathological sexual problems 96
_44 Don't give the impression that sex is something shameful or dirty 96
_45 Help children resist negative influences 97
_46 Watch out for their relations with the opposite sex, but don't be too obvious 97
_47 Education should support the vocation they receive from God 98
_48 Your children should not be alone in discerning their vocation 99
_49 Strive to give example and witness with your lives 102
_50 Know how to say "no" 107
_51 Cultivate a taste in them for what is good, noble, and true 107
_52 Give loving and patient advice to help young people from closing in on themselves 108
Towards Adulthood
_53 Encourage responsibility and necessary autonomy 110
_54 Intensify their faith relationship with the church 110
_55 Help define conditions for a promising union 110
_56 Stress value of virginity equally to boys and girls 111
Practical Guidelines
_57 Encourage them to think about what is true, just, honorable, pure... 111
_58 Associate with other parents and others that can help with problems 24, 114, 130, 131
_59 Participate in instruction outside home 115, 116
_60 Remove children from bad instruction 117
_61 Don't discuss homosexuality before adolescence 125
_62 No erotic material for any young people 126, 127
_63 Instruction must be positive and prudent, clear and delicate 126
_64 Continue your formation 134
_65 Reject secular and anti-natal education 136
_66 Sterilization and contraception should not be discussed before adolescence 137
_67 Be cautious of professional associations dealing with sexual issues 138
_68 Reject safe sex education, insist on education on chastity 139
_69 Avoid education that promotes self-determined moral codes 140, 95
_70 Be attentive for ways sex education can be inserted in other subjects 141
Things to Teach
_71 The unity of man in his bodily and spiritual being 4
_72 The capacity to renounce self, to make sacrifices, and to wait 5
_73 Love is true when it creates good and gives it to others 9
_74 Human sexuality is a good 11
_75 Human life is a gift received in order to be given 12
_76 Love between man and woman is achieved when they gives themselves totally 14
_77 The physical intimacy of spouses is a sign and pledge of spiritual communion 14
_78 Chastity is the spiritual power that frees love from selfishness and aggression 16
_79 The revealing sign of authentic married love is openness to life 15
_80 Chastity includes an apprenticeship in self-mastery 18
_81 Seek continuous illumination of the Holy Spirit 21
_82 Married love is physical and spiritual, total, faithful, and fruitful 29
_83 Christian marriage integrates sexuality into a path to holiness 30
_84 Reject any separation of sexuality from love 32
_85 It is morally grave to separate the unitive dimension from the procreative dimension in married
life 32
_86 The consequences of sterilization, abortion, and sexual activity outside of marriage 32
_87 Man is called to live in truth and love 36
_88 Fulfillment is found in the sincere gift of self 36
_89 How to enter into a healthy relationship with God and other people 53
_90 Decency and modesty in speech, action, and dress - motivated by respect for one's body and
dignity of others 56
_91 Respect for privacy 57
_92 How to evaluate the environment with a critical sense and autonomy 72
_93 Detachment from mass media 72
_94 Chastity is possible and it brings joy 73
The Years of Innocence
_95 Masculinity is a gift and not a sign of superiority over women 82
_96 Discuss the cycles of fertility and their meaning 90
_97 For boys - help them understand the physiological aspects of genital development before they
get misinformation from others 91
_98 Provide sufficient information about the physical and psychological characteristics of the
opposite sex 91
_99 The value of modesty and autonomy from society's trends 97
_100 To love the beauty and strength of chastity, value of prayer, recourse to the sacraments 102
_101 Indissolubility of marriage 102
_102 Relationship between love and procreation 102
_103 Immorality of abortion, contraception, and masturbation 102, 103
_104 The Church's view of homosexuality 104
_105 The disordered use of sex or trivializing it destroys the capacity to love 105
_106 To go against social trends that stifle true love and an appreciation for spiritual realities 108